The original purpose of the website was to help people develop in there life’s in the earlier years of it. But come to find out it will be good for all who put things learned to practice. Even now, I have come a long way since I have practice my preaching. We cover both Spiritual and Practical living tools for living life’s ups and down. In addition, we post articles on Thing such as your Health, Finance, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth and much more.

Now, I have created a Health and Fitness Article Tip website called: and ( for beginners and seasoned online entrepreneurs. In addition, a downloadable booklet called: “Exercise from the Next Up!” Posted on the website with summary. ( All Post Seen on Facebook (Monday-Wednesday-Friday every week.

I would be re-missed if I didn’t mentioned a tool to better understand the Bible called “Through the Bible…As it Happened.”

Finally, I have written a book called: “Are you Ready for a New Life?” The book covers: Health, Finance, Personal and Spiritual Development. By viewing each above subject matter thru both a practical and spiritual lens. Below is a short summary of each topic: Health Topic: (1) Understanding our Body System Functions and Processes, (2) Keys to Improve you Health, (3) Things to avoid or at least use in extreme moderation, (4) Two Cleansing Plans to improve your Health, (5) Health from a Biblical Prospective. Financial Topics: (1) Debt Elimination, (2) Living on a Cash Basis, (3) Saving & Wealth Building, (4) God’s take on Finance (Money-Greed-Debt-Lifestyles-Giving & Stewardship. Personal Growth Topics: (1) Life’s Lessons Learned, (2) Work/Leadership, and (3) Road to Maturity (Wisdom-Knowledge-Understanding-Self Examination). Spiritual Growth Topics: (1) Essential for Spiritual Growth, (2) Our Gifts from God, (3) Hindrances to Spiritual Growth (Satan-Sin-False Teachings), (4) Who is God? and (5) A True Believer of Jesus Christ….

 Presently you can purchase the book at:


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